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Concrete Cancer Repairs

One of our concrete cancer repairs projects

Melbourne's Concrete Cancer Repairs Experts

At Asset Painting Services, we know that the strength and versatility of reinforced concrete makes it a popular building material. 

However, water can find its way into weak points in the concrete, causing the steel reinforcing to rust and the need for professional concrete cancer repairs.

If you think you have a concrete cancer problem at your property in Melbourne, Asset Painting Services can help. As specialists in efficient concrete cancer repairs, we can safely and efficiently restore your concrete to its original condition.

How we can help with concrete cancer restoration

As part of our concrete cancer repairs services, we will visit your site and identify structural defects and their underlying causes. Our knowledgeable team will also explain the most economical and effective concrete cancer repair method and provide you with an estimate of the cost involved. 

Typically, we will repair concrete cancer by removing damaged concrete and rust from the steel surface to make the existing structure sound. We then apply an anti-corrosive coating to the steel or replace it, before restoring the concrete or rendering to recreate the original finish.

Building maintenance and repairs can seem like a costly headache, but studies have shown that the sooner you investigate and initiate repairs, the more money you will save on structural issues. After all, they won’t rectify themselves. Whether you’re in Melbourne’s inner suburbs or the Bayside area, you can rely on Asset Painting Services to put an end to your concrete cancer problem before it gets any worse.

To arrange a concrete cancer repair inspection at your property in Melbourne, call us on 0413 169 138 today.

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